"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Each one of the substances in a person's diet, acts upon the body and changes it in some unique way, and upon these changes the whole life depends, whether in health, in sickness or convalescent."  

Hippocrates 2 000 years ago.

Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure

Before we start with Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure let's take a look at the main causes of high blood pressure.

What causes High Blood Pressure?

There is no sole provocation for high blood pressure, and as in
various other ailments the exact causes are not completely understood.

But listed below is what we do know.

If one or both parents suffered from hypertension, the chances are, so will you. It tends to run in the family.

Last, but not least, there is the age thing!!. High blood pressure is part of the natural aging process and if combined with all of the above which contribute towards an unhealthy lifestyle, it will eventually catch up and result in high blood pressure.

Top of the list is a diet containing too much salt or too little potassium.

Hypertension can be caused by a lack of exercise.

Carrying too much weight and the old favorite, TOO MUCH BOOZE, can also be contributing factors to this problem.

Emotional problems, anxiety and stress also stand accused.

Now onto the home remedies for high blood pressure.

Remember that these remedies are based on folklore, legend, tradition and word of mouth, and most of them originated in Africa.

Probably all the more reason to pay attention to them, is that it is a known fact that African Americans develop high blood pressure more than Caucasian's do and also at a younger age.

Home Remedy for High Blood Pressure by making your own Pepper Pellets.

Mix one tablespoon of cake flour with one tablespoon of cayenne pepper.

Add water to make a stiff dough. Roll into pellets and allow to dry overnight, and then eat one pellet a day.

Cayenne Pepper

Why Cayenne Pepper?

Cayenne Pepper is not only nutritional but is also a medicinal herb and has been used as such for centuries.

Cayenne Pepper contains a very high derivation of Vitamin A and C.

 It is rich in organic calcium as well as potassium,which is known as an essential nutrient for keeping blood pressure normal.

Garlic - One of the oldest Home Remedies for High Blood Pressure doing the rounds.

  1. Mince a few garlic cloves and add a spoonful of olive oil. Mix in a bottle of hot water and allow to stand overnight.
  2. Drink the liquid first thing in the morning, after shaking well.

Why Garlic?

  1. Garlic has legendary healing powers, herbalists and naturopaths regard it as something of a miracle food and it is known, not only to inhibit blood clotting but to also increase the rate at which blood clots are broken down. 
  2. Garlic is reputed to help lower blood pressure by relaxing the smooth muscles of the blood vessels, allowing them to dilate.
  3. Studies have been performed that have shown that consuming olive oil can drive blood pressure down, even in those with normal blood pressure, and should probably not be used in excessive quantities by those experiencing low blood pressure.

What is the Best Drink for High Blood Pressure?

Grate a potato and add a cup of hot water. Drink the liquid when cool.

  1. The potato is high in potassium which is known to be useful in lowering blood pressure.
  2. The potassium contained in potatoes also appears to make blood less likely to clot.
  3. Potassium helps the blood vessels relax and when arteries relax, they dilate, and make room for blood to move smoothly on its path to feeding the body and major organs.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards managing your blood pressure readings. We believe that by embracing an holistic approach to helo, you can make a significent impact on your blood pressure levels and overall wellbeing.

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