Home Remedy for Sunburn

You are here looking for a home remedy for sunburn, which means one of a few things...

  • Your child stayed out in the sun too long, don't feel bad it happens to all of us....
  • You desperately want a nice cool looking tan, but haven't taken into account your fair complexion, or the strength of the evil sun.....
  • You have moved to a new part of the world and underestimated the power of the sun......

And Blah Blah Blah, we could go on forever, whatever the reasons you need to treat a case of sunburn and you need some natural help.

And we are here to help you, not just with one home remedy for sunburn, but quite a few.

No.1 Home Remedy for Sunburn

We all should be exposed to the sun for some time during the day because not only is it a mood enhancer but our bodies produce Vitamin D when exposed to the sun which helps absorb calcium which is essential for bone health,

BUT, not in huge dosages that causes sunburn, so if you have overdone it:

  • get yourself a pot of plain Yoghurt and smooth onto the sunburnt areas.

And now you probably want to know why this will help?

Yoghurt contains probiotics and enzymes that help to heal our skin, and protect us from the evil rays of too much sun.


Is Vinegar good for Sunburn?

Probably one of the oldest tried and tested remedies for sunburn is using vinegar (I personally prefer apple cider vinegar).

The reason for this is that vinegar helps to balance the pH on your skin which will soothe the effects of sunburn.

  • Take a cool shower or bath.

  • Mix two parts vinegar with one part water.

  • Rub gently onto the affected area or even better use a spray bottle.
  • Do not use vinegar if you have blisters!!

 How do you Take the Sting out of  Sunburn?

  • Run a Tepid bath.

  • Take a pair of very thin socks, the ones that are almost like pantyhose (if you can still remember pantyhose) and fill with 2 cups of uncooked oats, and tie off tightly at the top.

  • Toss the sock into the tepid bath, allow to soak for a minute or two and then squeeze the healing goodness from the sock a few minutes before getting into the bath.

  • Repeat this every few minutes.

  • Do not soak too long and rather air dry yourself when you get out.

The polysaccharides in oatmeal will coat and heal your skin, the water will cool you down and keep your skin hydrated and moist.

Other soothing "Stuff" to help relieve sunburn.

  • Rub fresh lemon juice gently onto the affected area, it helps pull out the burn and also promotes faster healing.

  • Rub Aloe vera gel or even the fresh sap of the plant onto the affected area, the juice of the aloe vera plant is antibacterial and some hospitals use this on burn victims.

  • Cut a Cucumber and rub onto the skin, this helps to ease the pain and relieve any itchiness.


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Healing Bath for Sunburn


4 pints water

2 tsp dried green tea

2 tsp dried chamomile

2 tsp dried calendula


Bring water and herbs to the boil in a covered pot.  Remove from the heat and steep until cool.

Strain, and add the tea to a tepid bath.

Soak daily for 20 minutes until your sunburn heals.


Green tea's potent antioxidants help neutralize cell damage.

Chamomile and Calendula provide additional skin soothing and healing compounds.

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