Zinc Deficiency

A zinc deficiency can affect us all no matter how old or young we are.

Check your nails and if you see white spots it is a sure sign you have a zinc deficiency.

Let's see how a deficiency in this mineral can influence our well being, and also check out some healthy ways to ensure we are getting enough natural zinc.

The medical dictionary describes Zinc as a trace element that is a component of several important enzymes including DNA and RNA polymerades and carbonic anhydrase.

Zinc, a necessary nutrient for the immune system, is vital for normal growth and plays an important role in reproduction.

Zinc Deficiency and the Corona Virus

As zinc is a necessary nutrient for the immune system even a mild deficiency in zinc can increase the risk of infection, which can be ominous for older people who get the Corona Virus.

Zinc and Enlarged Prostate Problems

Heavy concentrates of zinc are found in the male prostate and even a mild zinc deficiency can lead to a low sperm count, a major cause of male infertility.

Zinc is believed to regulate the metabolism of testosterone in the prostate and there is some evidence that an imbalance of testosterone may contribute to the growth of tumors.

Men who get prostate cancer have displayed lower blood levels of zinc.

Zinc is also believed to help prevent enlargement of the prostate, a frequent problem among older men.

What Herbs Contain Zinc?

Herbs that contain zinc include:

  • alfalfa
  • cayenne
  • chamomile
  • chickweed
  • dandelion
  • fennel seed
  • milk thistle
  • parsley
  • sage

Inadequate Supply of Zinc and Excessive Sweating

Zinc reserves in our bodies are lost through sweat and urine. People who suffer from excessive sweating, and this includes athletes, need to carefully watch their daily intake of this mineral.

There is also a belief that the unpleasant odor associated with heavy sweating may be due to a shortage of this important mineral.

What Foods are high in Zinc?

Check out the list of foods that are a good source of zinc and should be eaten regularly to keep the levels of this vital mineral constant.

  • Red meat
  • Eggs
  • Nuts
  • Whole grains
  • Liver
  • Shellfish especially oysters

Shortage of Zinc and diet for the Elderly

  • It is our responsibility to take care of those who cared for us when we were young.

  • And one of those responsibilities is to ensure that the elderly maintain a sensible approach to their diet, especially those living on their own and who very often could not be bothered preparing nutritious meals for one person.

  • Just because age slows down physical activity which leads to the need for fewer kilojoules, does not mean that the body's demand for vitamins and minerals slows down as well.

Make sure your old folks eat enough of the list of foods given above  and leave some bowls with Pumpkin and sunflower seeds lying around.

They are a good source of zinc and can be snacked on to help keep those zinc reserves in place.

Zinc Deficiency and Teenage Acne

Zinc promotes healing and is important for normal growth.

Zinc reserves can however be depleted by periods of rapid growth, which probably coincides with the onset of teenage acne. Foods rich in zinc should be considered to help heal acne naturally

Research has shown that acne sufferers tend to have this deficiency, so eat lots of:

  • mushrooms

  • sardines

  • soybeans

  • lamb

  • lima beans

  • pecans

  • poultry

  • whole grains

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