Natural Blood Thinners

This journey, like most journey's can be filled with adventures but also with dangers like heart palpitations, strokes and thrombosis'.

Anticoagulants  are commonly prescribed for people in particular danger of developing blood clots, such as people who are bedridden, cancer patients, people with certain types of arrhythmias, and those who have had heart valve replacement surgery.

So the question is raised, can I use the natural stuff?

Side Effects of Warfarin 

Warfarin Yes or No!

Warfarin seems to be the popular direction a lot of Doctors go for... so what are the pro's of taking this medication. 

I personally had to try this, and this is just my opinion, right!   It was not long before I went off it, I was tired of having to have blood taken so often, and then having to wait for my results and then having to change my dosages, so I went on to ecotrin, and have now stopped it completely in favour of natural remedies.

  • risk of heavy bleeding
  • interactions with some foods and medicines
  • interactions with over the counter (OTC) supplements
  • dosages must be carefully monitored by blood tests to see what the INR (international Normalized Ratio) count is, and the lowest possible dosage is then decided upon and prescribed for different periods depending on the diagnosis.
  • The reading that is generally asked for can be between 2 and 3.  

One nutrient that can lessen the effectiveness of Warfarin is Vitamin K.

Listed along side are some of the foodstuffs rich in this Vitamin and should be AVOIDED if you are taking Warfarin.

Green Tea
  • Spinach

  • Brussels sprouts

  • Parsley

  • Collard greens

  • Mustard greens

  • Chard

  • Green tea

I personally had to try the warfarin route, and this is just my opinion, right, but, it was not long before I went off it, I was tired of having to have blood taken so often, and then having to wait for my results and then having to change my dosages, so I went on to ecotrin, and have now stopped it completely in favor of natural remedies.


A strong caution to remember to follow your physician or herbal practitioner's recommendations rather than trying to self-medicate.

Mostly, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much importance these well trained medical professionals often place on herbal alternatives wherever possible.

Once your medical specialist has cleared you for using natural blood thinners, check out the list below and when used in small and regular quantities, these foods and herbs can have powerful pharmacological effects on the tendency of blood to clot, which can help save us from cardiovascular tragedies.

What is the safest Blood Thinner to Use?

  • It's an ancient truth, garlic cloves are strong medicines against unwanted blood clots.
  • The Adenosine and ajoene in garlic have anticoagulant activity that dampens the blood platelets' enthusiasm to congregate.
  • It is no longer unsubstantiated folklore, garlic is full of potent clot-fighting compounds and powers

What foods help prevent clots - Onions Do!

  • When eating fatty foods, add those onions (which also contains the anticoagulant chemical adenosine).
  • Onions, believe it or not, will help counteract the clot promoting powers of fatty foods.

  • Red Wine - A Yummy Natural Blood Thinner!!

    • A little red wine (yummy medicine dating back more than 4000 years) can often thin your blood thereby retarding clots.

    • The reason is not the alcohol, but the complex constituents in red wine, including being a natural antioxidant. Always drink in moderation and with non fatty meals.

    Black Mushrooms

    Black Mushrooms
    • Black mushrooms contain several blood-thinning compounds including the same adenosine which is also present in garlic and onions.


    This is an amazing herb, not only for its antithrombotic and antiplatelet qualities but also for the fact that it:

    Evening Primrose Oil

    Try this herb for a blood thinner, but also good for:


    Another versatile herb which can be used for a natural anticoagulant as well as for

    People ask - Is Cranberry Juice a Natural Blood Thinner?

    The answer is Yes!

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