Home Remedies for Bed Wetting

Millions of boys and girls around this world "suffer" from bedwetting. It is a common childhood challenge and statistics show that 15% of all 5 year old's wet the bed.

And an interesting statistic is, that it is more common amongst boys than girls.

This bedwetting should'nt be taken casually, it could be a sign of diabetes or a urinary tract infection, so rather put your mind at ease, by consulting your medical doctor and have a simple urine test done to rule out any serious issues before embarking on any form of home remedies.

Some Facts on Bedwetting

The medical term for bed wetting is Enuresis, and I must say that finding a home remedy or an old remedy has been quite difficult because it is an early childhood habit that is not so easy to control.

That been said, lets start off with a few facts:

  • The newborn infant releases urine automatically and the act is regulated from the spinal center in accordance with the need to empty the bladder.

  • As the child grows, and is gradually trained, the brain becomes involved in the conscious control of urination and eventually regulates it during sleep.

  • Some children acquire this control earlier than others, the old thinking was that the average time is two years, but there are different thoughts now as to what the period of time should be as to when a child should not be wetting his or her bed any longer.
  •  Today's views (and they are just views) are that it can go on for as long as 5 years until medical intervention is required.
Mom!!!...Teddy wet my bed.

Causes of Bed Wetting

The causes of bed wetting vary greatly:

  • Some are physical reasons such as infection or inflammation or faulty nutrition and should be attended to by a Dr .

  • Bed wetting could also be of nervous or emotional origin, and it appears that this is where the largest percentage comes from.

  • This has to be attended to, and Phsychological help is indicated as the principle help of curing bed wetting.

  • Punishment is not a remedy for this situation however troublesome it might be for you, and will probably work in the reverse, and accelerate the habit. 

  • Any form of punishment could lower their self-esteem and harm them psychologically.

  • Love and patience is required.

Natural Remedies

  • Add some St John's wort to a cup of water and sweeten with Honey and let the child sip through the course of the day.


  • St John's wort is known to encourage control of the bladder.

  • If the bedwetting stems from emotional upset or disturbance, infusions of Vervain and lemon balm will help relax and soothe.

  • And what is Vervain, you ask:  It is  "a widely distributed herbaceous plant with small blue, white, or purple flowers and a long history of use as a magical and medicinal herb".

Self Help Remedies

  • Try not to become angry with the child, and this can be very difficult, if YOU are sleep deprived, because it will only exacerbate the problem.

  • Try using a star chart and plenty of praise for dry nights, and DON'T comment if you find a wet bed!

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