Home Remedies for Tuberculosis.

"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Each one of the substances in a person's diet, acts upon the body and changes it in some unique way, and upon these changes the whole life depends, whether in health, in sickness or convalescent."  

Hippocrates 2 000 years ago.

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Before you take a look at some home remedies for tuberculosis, let's see what tuberculosis is all about.

And here we all are, thinking that Tuberculosis (also known as TB) will never happen to us!

How many of us believe that TB is an infection that only happens to the poor undernourished people in Africa and Asia?

So.... what is Tuberculosis?

  • TB is caused by a bacteria called Mycobactgerium Tuberculosis which is highly contagious.

  • The strain causing lung TB is spread through coughing and sneezing and thereby spreading airborne infected droplets that can infect anyone.

  • AIDS patients can, and probably will, at some stage or another become infected with tuberculosis.

  • Because this is an "opportunistic infection" it flourishes when the immune system is down.

  • Having a healthy nutritional lifestyle can help prevent the bacteria from settling in, but there are absolutely NO guarantees. Anyone and everyone can get TB.

  • Another mistake surrounding TB is the belief that it attacks the lungs only, and although tuberculosis is primarily a disease of the lungs it can also spread to the other organs, and it is also known to move into the bones.

Symptoms of TB

  • Tuberculosis (or TB) is a common, but very serious disease.
  • Symptoms might only become apparent long after been exposed to the bacteria, which will be round about the time you start searching for home remedies for tuberculosis.

These are the most common symptoms of Tuberculosis:

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Niggling cough
  • Night Sweats
  • Loss of appetite
  • Weight loss
  • Chest pain
  • Low grade fever
  • Diminished strength
  • Extreme tiredness
  • Generally... just not feeling well.

Some infected people may show no symptoms at all, and this is referred to as latent tuberculosis infection.

This is when people are infected, but the germ however, is not active and cannot be spread around.

Can Tuberculosis go away on its Own?

If you think you have contacted TB and before you self medicate with home remedies for tuberculosis you must take the following steps.

  • See a medical doctor. You will be given either a skin test or a special TB blood test to establish whether you have the TB germ.

  • If either of the test shows positive, a chest x-ray and sputum test must be done to confirm or verify that the person has progressed to TB Disease.

  • Long term antibiotic treatment will be described and you have to religiously stick to this, self medication would not be a recommendation with this disease, unless done under proper medical supervision.

There are many ways to help SUPPLEMENT orthodox tuberculosis treatment, and home remedies for tuberculosis is going to list these for you in a simple and easy to follow regime.

Home Remedies for Tuberculosis - Keep your immune system Boosted 

  • Echinacea has also been found to be an effective supplement when used in conjunction with conventional medication.
  • Once again Garlic as the king of home remedies, steps up to the mark as a powerful natural antibiotic which can be used against the potentially devastating tuberculosis bacteria.

  • In folklore, healing with garlic has been documented as far back as the 1920's (long before the advent of modern drugs) for helping with Tuberculosis.

  • You should also look at some onion home remedies to see the value of this smelly herb/vegetable, in treating tuberculosis.

Keep your Liver and Lymph glands in Good Working Order:

  • Cut out red meat and replace your proteins with nuts and fish, to help restore any muscle mass you might have lost.
  • Drink 2 -3 lemons squeezed into a glass of warm water each day. This will help cleanse your bladder and strengthen your lymph gland. This bitter fruit has many uses as lemon juice home remedies.

  • Remember that muscle mass takes a longer time to restore.

Which food is good for Tuberculosis?

And lastly here is a list of anti-bacterial herbs together with what they can be helpful for to help alleviate the symptoms of Tuberculosis.

  • Astragalus - helpful for cold and flu symptoms, fatigue and helps boost the immune system.
  • Chaga Fungus - grows prolifically in eastern and northern Europe and is highly prized for its antibacterial action and has been used as a folkloric medicine for the treatment of tuberculosis through the ages.
  • Eucalyptus - Is antibacterial and the essential oils are used for countless complaints, from halitosis to tuberculosis.
  • Ginger - Is very helpful for cold and flu like symptoms and strengthens the immune system.
  • Neem tree -This tree which is native to India and Bangladesh is used as traditional medicine as a treatment for many ailments which include tuberculosis. It has many medical properties one of them been antibacterial.
  • Yarrow - has been known through the years as one of the many home remedies for tuberculosis, it is helpful for cold and flu symptoms and also stimulates the appetite.

Here is a list of common herbs that all have anti-bacterial properties and can be used as a flavoring in many dishes.

  • Basil

  • Origanum

  • Rosemary

  • Tumeric

Take look at how to prepare herbs and then make yourself a delicious tea from anyone of these herbs containing anti-bacterial qualities.

  • Chamomile

  • Peppermint

  • Calendula

  • Rooibos - indications are that the properties of Rooibos Tea can inhibit the TB causing bacteria. Rooibos Tea is also filled with minerals that we should never have a deficiency of i.e. magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc.

This page is dedicated to my family member who is healthy and well-nourished but he still contracted TB.

He has just been tested TB free, he took all his medication religiously for between 6 to 8 months and his wife supplemented his medication with home remedies for tuberculosis especially in her cooking for him.

Well done Sputnik and V!


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