Growing Herbs


So you want to start growing herbs..... excellent thought and with our simple help you won't have to stop there.

We are going to help you action what want, or desire, by showing you what common herbs you can grow and how to grow them.

And we will also highlight the 3 different reasons as to why you want to embark on this exercise i.e. for domestic use, for medicinal use or for culinary use, or even for all 3 reasons

Growing Herbs for Domestic Use

Let's start off with cultivating herbs for domestic use.

If you have cosmetic problem, believe me, there will be a herbal solution and you can grow that solution in your back yard.  For these reasons alone growing herbs can be useful, rewarding and wonderful experience.

  • many herbs have a long and illustrious history for their uses around the home.   Take, for example, the herbs Rue and Basil which have both specifically been grown for keeping flies away from the home.   Rue can be used to repel ants and also to keep mosquitoes away.

  • herbs can help protect your books and clothes.

  • herbs can also help to keep your clothes fresh and clean smelling.

  • numerous herbs like fennel can be used in pot pourri to help freshen your house, or for making simple gifts for birthdays and at Christmas.   Try growing fennel and reap the many benefits of this versatile herb.

Growing Herbs for Medicinal Use

Why spend your hard earned bucks on buying store bought herbs when you can grow them yourself and have access to a fairly well equipped pharmacy of natural home remedies for day to day ailments growing in your own back yard.

  • medicinal herbs is probably the most interesting reason for growing herbs.

  • your herbs will always be in prime condition.

  • your herbs will always be harvested at the peak of their potency.

  • herbal healing can be considered as the oldest form of health care, and imagine having access to that on your doorstep.

  • the medicinal importance of herbs has been passed down from generation to generation mostly by word of mouth.  We have learnt from the animals and birds, and we are now finding that science is supporting many of the healing qualiites in herbs.

  • accusations have been made as to the danger of "dabbling" in herbal healing, but remember that any medication can be dangerous if not used correctly, and not taken under the care and guidance of an authorized health care provider.

Growing Herbs for Culinary Use

And last but not least, experience the incredibly rewarding feeling of watching your plants grow.   The warmth in your chest when you are able to harvest your culinary herbs yourself and then use them not only to improve your family's health, but also to enhance your cooking.  What a bonus!!   What a feeling!!

  • spice up your cooking

  • enhance the appearance of your dishes.

  • add color to your food.

  • enjoy interesting infusions, not only for their sometime exotic tastes, but also for their medicinal properties. 
  • Start off by growing chamomile a good place to begin establishing your very own tea garden.

  • and all this at the same time as producing an attractive asset to your garden and home.

Whatever your reason for starting your very own herb garden, always keep in the back of your mind that good soil is the basis for good plants.

Herbs all need the same basic soil, three parts of garden soil, one part compost or manure and one part sand.

And of course lotsa love and attention.    It's that easy.


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