A Hiccups Remedy for the "HICS" that won't go away.

A hiccups remedy is probably the last thing you think about when you have a bout of hiccups. This is because it is painless and probably the most useless thing you will ever have to endure, but we all have hiccups at some stage in our lives.

For some or other reason hiccups is always surrounded by a lot of laughter and "have another drink" type of humor.

The general goal of hiccups cures is either to increase carbon dioxide levels in the blood or to disrupt or overhwelm the nerve impulses causing the hiccups in the first place.

Hiccups are harmless and have never been known to kill anyone, but it can be unpleasant especially when the bout won't go away.

So, if you are having one of these bouts, it is round about now that you should start looking for other interventions as a natural hiccups remedy.

What is the cause of Hiccups?

Nobody is really absolutely sure what triggers a hiccup reflex,

  • A common explanation is, that it is caused by some sort of irritation to the vagus or phrenic nerves. These nerves control breathing and connect the brain and diaphragm.

  • Alcohol is also believed to be another trigger for hiccups.

  • Overeating.

  • Eating spicy foods, some people claim boiled eggs set off these bouts of hiccoughs.

  • stress (this  little monster creeps in everywhere, doesn't it?).

  • Drinking fizzy drinks.

  • Some Scientists believe that it is the last vestige of a primitive reflex that we no longer need.

What are Hiccups?

  • To try and explain this in very simple layman terms.... a hiccup is a sudden contraction of the diaphragm that repeats several times per minute.

  • A few milliseconds after this contraction the narrow opening between your vocal chords snaps shut, and out comes the "HIC"...accompanied by an unexpected shoulder, abdomen or full body shudder.

  • Hiccups are not painful, but can be very distracting.

Hiccups Remedy -Folklore Remedies

  • If hiccups won't stop, all you have to do is think when last you saw a white horse, and magically they will disappear.

  • (I just love this one, but don't think you should try it)....If someone keeps hiccoughing, he must smoke hen's feathers, particularly if he has been drinking too much. This remedy was found in an old South African publication.

  • Twist some brown paper and put behind your ears, your hiccups will disappear.

Hiccup Remedy - Other simple remedies for Hiccoughs

  • Suck a wedge of lemon saturated with bitters, this hiccups remedy is used to help stop alcohol-related hiccups. You can chase this down with a nice cup of refreshing lemon tea to get rid of the tart taste of the lemon wedge.

  • Suck a lump of sugar on which any acid type fruit juice or vinegar has been poured over.

  • Suck on crushed ice, and hope like anything you have no holes in your teeth objecting to the crushed ice.

Herbal Remedies

  • In traditional medicine across the world, fennel has been used to make an infusion or tea to help a range of digestive problems which include hiccups and is also an excellent colic remedy.

  • Fennel tea has a refreshing taste and will also help to ease flatulence and bloating, but should be avoided during pregnancy, as it is known to promote menstruation.

People ask, "How do you get rid of Hiccups instantly?"

We want to answer this question by copying one of the comments that we got from Richard Feinberg on how to get rid of Hiccups instantly!

"This has worked 100% of the time since I was a kid: Take a good-sized sip of water but don't swallow it yet. Now take a deep breath, as well (through your nose). Hold both: the air + the water (hold your nose, to be sure of this). Now slowly swallow the water. Keep holding your breath as long as you can. Finally, let go of your nose. No more hiccup! I got this from a TV show or a book many decades ago & it has never failed me."


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