Amazing Benefits of Mangoes

I just love this delicious fruit, and even more so since I discovered what  benefits they contain.

Home Remedies Haven is totally committed to researching and sharing with you the benefits of our earth's natural resources.

We might not always  be able to back this up with the scientific reasons (sometimes it is pure folklore) as to why these fruits of our earth are beneficial, but where we can we always will.

 Benefits of Mangoes - Improving your Memory

But firstly, before I forget, I must tell you how good mangoes are for improving your memory and your concentration levels.

This tasty fruit contains what the boffins will call a non-essential amino acid called Glutamic Acid.

In short what this means is that this Glutamic acid is involved in "cognitive functions such as learning and memory in the brain" and helps improve long and short term memory.


  • One of the benefits of mangoes is that it is a rich source of beta carotene, which the body can convert to vitamin A.

  • Rich source of vitamin C which is a natural anti-oxidant.


  • Mangoes are quite high in sugar: a medium-sized fruit is about 14% sugar.

  • They are also very acidic, they may contribute towards dental decay if eaten frequently.

Mangoes for improving your Digestion

Now... I am  not gonna bla bla bla here about the Esters, terpenes and Aldehydes that are enzymes contained in mangoes because I do not want to bore you with the stuff that only doctors need to keep at their fingertips. 

Apparently, all these enzymes help the digestive tract relax and process food more efficiently, so add mangoes to your salads or have them neat after your meal as pudding, to help with digestion of your food.

Mangoes for Maintaining good Eye Health

  • Another of the benefits of mangoes is that they are a very good source of Vitamin A which is an antioxidant vitamin and will help protect the surface of the eye (cornea) and is a vitamin essential for good vision.
  • If you suffer from dry eyes and use an eye drop containing Vitamin A and you have  found it to be an effective treatment, then why not ensure your intake of Vitamin A and keep mangoes in your diet whenever you can.

Mangoes and Copper Levels

Quick lesson on copper:  Our bodies need copper to make energy, it also helps make red blood cells and keeps nerve cells and our immune system healthy.

And guess what, Mangoes have enough copper in them to help keep our copper requirements at a normal level.

Mangoes and Sex

And last, but definately not least Mangoes are good for your sex life because of the abundant quantities of Vitamin E found in this fruit.

Can you Eat too many Mangoes?

Yes you can eat too many Mangoes!

  • "Mango Mouth" is a condition certain people may suffer from when eating too many mangoes.  Symptoms include itchiness, swelling and blisters around the mouth, lips and tip of the tongue.
  • Eating too many raw mangoes can also cause a throat irritation, dysentery and abdominal colic.   So one should avoid consuming excessive amounts of raw mangoes.
  • And lastly mangoes have a huge quantity of fructose and an excessive consumption of this sugar will lead to increased sugar levels and unwanted insulin spikes.

Are Mangoes good for Weight Loss?

Generally speaking, consuming too many Mangoes are not good for weight loss if you understand that one medium sized mango contains about 135 calories.

Having one a day will be fine especially if you consume it about half an hour before your gym time as it will give you a lot of energy for a strenuous work out.

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