Toothache Home Remedies

Toothache home remedies need to be available in the wee hours of the night because as "Murphy" will have it, that is when an impending abscess will start throbbing.

So for emergency toothache relief we will start off immediately by saying,  always keep a bottle of Clove Oil in your kitchen, (cloves are flower buds from rain forest trees native to Indonesia).

What is the Best Painkiller for Toothache?

Ask many people and they will tell you that cloves are one of the best toothache remedies around, but do they know why.....probably not, so we will tell you why....

Cloves have natural local anaesthetic properties which will deaden the area and  is also a natural anti-inflammatory which will help with pain, both of which are excellent for toothache.

Soak a cotton ball in the clove oil and hold onto the aching tooth, alternatively you can take a clove and wedge it in-between the teeth if possible, remember always to put it on the tooth and not on the gums.

Before we move onto the rest of our Toothache Remedies lets just look at some of the technical stuff, in simple terms.


  • Your inheritance from Mom or Dad.

  • Bad Oral Hygiene.

  • Crack or breaking a tooth.

My Mom and Dad lost their teeth at a very young age and they were paranoid about our oral hygiene.

Even having access to a free military medical, they sent us to private dentists, but my sister and  I were still plagued with abscesses as  youngsters.

Our one brother got off "scott free" (he was the one that was a chronic asthmatic as a child) and the other lost his teeth at a fairly young age.

Tooth decay is not detected in the early stages, but what actually happens is that it begins as a chip in that pretty white outside enamel part, leaving a nice little open space for food to collect and bacteria to start having a party in the soft pulp part of the tooth.

And then Dr Dentist here we come UGH!!


When you have toothache put your finger into the bottle of solid coconut oil and rub around the culprit tooth.

For general teeth hygiene, swish the coconut oil around in your mouth on a daily basis.

What Helps Toothache at Home?

Mix Cayenne Pepper and water into a paste and then put on a cotton wool ball and apply directly onto the painful tooth (not the gum)

Toothache Home Remedies using Barley

Mix 2 litres of water with a cup of barley, bring to the boil and simmer for about an hour, drain, cool and drink one cup daily.

Barley also helps for high cholesterol, is rich in B-vitamins, potassium, magnesium, zinc and calcium.

How do you make a Toothache go away Fast?

Ever notice that white "stuff" that oozes from a fig when you cut it?  Well that is called ficin and is an analgesic which can help deaden the pain of toothache.

In the olden days it was even used for killing the pain during extractions.

Tip for whitening your Yellowish Teeth Naturally.

Malic Acid, an enzyme added to several whitening toothpastes, also occurs naturally in strawberries.

So your penance is to eat strawberries on a regular basis!!

Slowly munch the fruits to mash the fruit juices well with your teeth, even cut in half and stroked along your teeth will do the job.

Experts claim that the fibers present in strawberries act like an organic wiper, eliminating bad microorganisms present in the entire oral cavity.

Brush right after your strawberry teeth bleaching session because the fruit also contains glucose and acids that might pose a risk of tooth decay.

Toothache and Nutmeg

Cloves have always been the star spice for toothache home remedies, but nutmeg also has antibacterial properties that can help protect the gums and nutmeg oil also contains eugenol which brings relief from toothache.

Herbs for Toothache

THYME is a natural antiseptic and that reduces the level of bacteria in the mouth.

SAGE is an anti-inflammatory and when made as an infusion should be used several times daily as a mouth rinse.

PARSLEY can be used as a breath freshener especially if you suffer from bad breath.

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