Healing with Garlic - The Powerful Gift of Garlic.


Healing with garlic pays homage to the fact that this smelly bulb type plant  has a rich and illustrious history as a healing food that has been used for centuries as a natural home remedy for dozens of different complaints.

Of all the herbs, this is probably the one most studied, and as we will see below, more than likely with good reason.

Having said this, lets take a simple look at what this miracle food contains and why certain ailments can be treated or prevented by adding this healthy herb to your diet.

What makes up the healing properties of Garlic?


  • Selenium helps detox metals such as mercury and cadmium as well as other potentially carcinogenic substances, by binding with them to form compounds that are flushed out of the system.

Phenolic Acids

  • It contains compounds called phenolic compounds or polyphenols.
  • These are anti-oxidants, which help prevent free-radical damage to cells.
  • Phenolics also promote the production of an amino acid (if you are interested - called gluthathione) that is believed to be the body's most potent detoxifier.

Diallyl Sulphide

  • Studies have shown that these compounds can deactivate certain steroidal hormones that promote the growth of tumors.

  • They are also believed to help reduce blood pressure by improving the flow of blood and preventing the formation of blood clots.


Adenosine contained in garlic and onions is believed to be a smooth-muscle relaxant which helps increase blood vessel width.


  • Believed to be the most potent compound found in fresh garlic has anti-fungal and antibiotic properties.

  • Allicen has potent germ-killing powers and research has shown that it can kill microbes responsible for colds and flu, tummy virus's, and even yeast infections.

What Diseases does Garlic Treat?


Garlic contains Selenium and we only require a small amount of this essential trace mineral, but it is of critical importance as it is a major anti-oxidant and should be used as a healing with garlic home remedy.

Compounds found in garlic help suppress cholesterol production in the liver.


You have heard through the grapevine that this is the herb of choice,for lowering your high blood pressure and you want to know why?

Well, it is reputed to lower high blood pressure due to the adenosine compound found in garlic which acts as a smooth muscle relaxant allowing the blood vessels to dilate.


One of the scariest things in this world must be when you are told that you or one of your loved ones has cancer.

Check out the compounds contained in garlic, set out above, and see why healing with garlic has long had a reputation for been one of our most powerful allies in the ongoing fight against cancer.

Colds and flu.

Garlic has well documented infection fighting properties, and should be used as a natural antibiotic to help fight colds and flu.

Healing with garlic and its potent germ killing powers have shown that it can be used as a home remedy for colds and flu and becomes a formidable force when taken with honey.

Can Garlic Kill a Virus?

Along with cancer, AIDS and now the corona virus these are probably the most frightening diagnoses one can be given by your doctor.

There is no concrete evidence in humans that the HIV virus (caused by aids) can be prevented, slowed down or stopped by food substances, but there are some intriguing possibilities that certain food compounds may help boost immune functioning.

Is there a  vaccine for the corona virus?  No, not yet.

The virus is believed to be particularly dangerous for people with a weak immune system. We should all be using garlic as often as possible as the diallyl sulphides contained in garlic, are good for boosting the immune system, which they do by stimulating the body's natural defenses. 

The allicin (see list above) and its potent healing properties improves resistance to infection and fights bacteria like an anti-biotic.


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Useful Garlic Tip

If you can't stand your garlic breath, then the chances are that those around you don't appreciate it either so take a look at some useful tips on how to stop a garlic breath!!


Try chewing fresh parsley after you have eaten garlic....


Brush your teeth immediately afterwards, not allowing the garlic to get stuck between your teeth....


Or else, if you must use garlic then try using dietary supplements that are available....


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