Uses for Epsom Salts

"Let food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Each one of the substances in a person's diet, acts upon the body and changes it in some unique way, and upon these changes the whole life depends, whether in health, in sickness or convalescent."  

Hippocrates 2 000 years ago.

Uses for Epsom Salts  have been around for longer than you or I have.

It all started in the English town of Epsom where this magnesium sulfate heptahydrate came bubbling out of the ground round about the early 17th century.

So now you probably want to know what ingredients are contained in Epsom salts.   It's simple..... it contains magnesium, water, oxygen and sulfur.

And now we will just go straight into our uses for Epsom Salt.

Uses for Epsom Salt starting with a Relaxing Bath Soak

When Epsom salt is dissolved in water, it releases magnesium and sulfate ions.

People have been doing this since it was first discovered at a salty spring in Epsom England.

The theory is that the high magnesium content makes it a wonderfully relaxing bath soak.

It works like a charm for body aches and sore muscles.

Just add about 2 cups of the salt to a warm/hot bath and soak for 20 minutes.

If you aren't in the mood for a full bath, but want the magnesium boosting benefits, just soak your feet instead.

Healthy House Plants thanks to Epsom Salt.

Most of us love having house plants, and just like our garden plants they also love and thrive with a magnesium boost once in a while. 

So either add some Epsom salt to your regular watering routine or sprinkle a little Epsom salt on the soil in a house plant container.

A tablespoon is usually plenty for a month or two.

Epsom Salts Treats Bruises and Insect Stings

Because of its magnesium content, a solution of Epsom salt works  for treating bruises and insect stings.

Soak a washcloth in a solution of water and gently wipe the affected parts, which will help the healing process.

Epsom Salts for Relieving Pain and Muscle Cramps

An Epsom salt bath is known to be beneficial in helping ease  the pain of sore muscles, effects of bronchial asthma or migraine headaches.

All you need to do is make a thick paste of the Epsom Salts and mix with a lovely hot bath, it will soon start to create a soothing comfort.

Epsom salt is beneficial in eliminating harmful substances because of reverse osmosis.

Beautiful Roses and Epsom Salt

One thing for sure is that roses love magnesium and adding a little Epsom salt to the soil around a rose bush will do the job

Water and try repeating once a month and this will help increase growth and produce healthy blooms.

Getting Rid of Slugs in your Garden using Epsom Salts

Snails are harmless enough, but these fellows can cause havoc with your herbaceous plants, veggies and seedlings.

Herbaceous plants are fast growing, do not have much wood and it's stems are green and soft.

So sprinkle Epsom salt in or around gardens and other areas you don't want slugs invading.

Epsom Salt helps to Grow Better Vegetables

Epsom Salts can also be used to improve a vegetable garden and all you have to do is sprinkle a tablespoon of the salt around the base of a plant after it has grown to at least 12 inches tall.

Can I use Epsom Salt to Remove a Splinter?

Now this is an old trick that really works, why it works we can't explain, but the old folks will agree that it does!

All you have to do is make a strong solution of warm water and Epsom salts (a third of a cup of the salt in a cup of warm/hot water) and stir until dissolved.

Soak the affected body part with the splinter for at least 10 minutes and carefully remove the splinter with a tweezer.

A word of warning, if the splinter is big, deep and bleeding rather visit your Doctor to have it removed.

Epsom Salts to ease Stress

Stress drains the body of  magnesium which we lose in urine, this then results in a magnesium deficiency which enhances our response to stress, a vicious circle really.

A magnesium deficiency may lower serotonin levels which is a mood-elevating chemical within the brain to create feelings of calmness and relaxation.

When Epsom salt is dissolved in warm water it is absorbed through the skin and replenishes the levels of magnesium in your body.

Experts believe that using Epsom salt at least three times a week will make you look and feel better.


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