Home Remedies for Prostatitis

 Home Remedies for Prostatitis will not only guide you through the  the symptoms of Prostatitis and the various types of problems that can arise with prostatitis, but will also give you some natural ideas of what YOU can do to help ease the symptoms or even prevent the condition.

What is Prostatitis?

  • Prostatitis is the inflammation of the Prostate Gland, and you will be relieved to know that it is only ominous if left untreated.

  • This is usually an infection caused by bacteria from other parts of the body that have invaded the gland.

  • Hormonal changes resulting from the aging process could also be a cause.

Types of Prostatitis

Acute infectious Prostatitis

  • The cause of this type of prostatitis is usually a bacteria and will occur suddenly.

  • Symptoms can include some pain between the bottom (rectum) and the scrotum (testicles).

  • This can be accompanied by frequent urination together with a burning sensation and a feeling of fullness in the bladder. 

  • There could also be blood or pus in the urine and sometimes even a slight fever.

Chronic Infectious Prostatitis

  • This long term type of prostatitis is also caused by a bacteria.

  • Symptoms can be nothing more than a bladder infection.

Non-infectious Prostatitis

  • As with many  other types of ailments,  medicine, as we know it does not know what causes this non-infectious type of prostate inflammation because  it is not caused by a bacterial infection.  

  • Symptoms will also include frequent urination sometimes with pain, pain after ejaculation and lower abdominal pain.

 Can Home Remedies for Prostatitis help?

  • Firstly you have to subject yourself to a digital rectal exam which is normally done in conjunction with a blood test to test the (PSA) levels of prostate-specific antigen, a protein secreted by the prostate.

  • It is recommended that these tests are done at least once a year, especially as you get closer to 50 years of age.

  • If Prostatitis is diagnosed it must not be left untreated as this can lead to impotence and  problems with urination.
  • OK... so you have been diagnosed with bacterial prostatitis and the normal treatment would be antibiotics and analgesics.

  • But you might have the non-infectious type, and your question is what on earth do I do now?   

  • Our earth has so much to offer and here is a list of natural "goodies" that will probably help YOU with your prostate problems.



What Helps Cure Prostatis?


Selenium has antioxidant properties that help protect cells from toxin damage linked to prostatitis.

Cranberry Juice

For centuries, Cranberry Juice has been recorded as  a natural remedy for urinary tract infections, and has been linked as a remedy to some forms of prostatitis.


Eat those onions DUDE.

Onions are rich in quercetin which is an anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor flavonoid.


Zinc has been linked as a balanced requirement in the body for all forms of prostate problems.


Garlic is one of nature's best natural antibiotics.

Don't worry about the garlic breath, just mix this smelly herb with parsley.

Magnesium and Calcium

Both Magnesium and Calcium are necessary minerals for improved prostate function.


Drink 2 to 3 quarts of spring or distilled water daily to help stimulate urine flow. 

This will also help the function of your kidneys and prevent dehydration.

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