Acne Herbal Remedies - An Infusion of Recipes

If you have ever thought of trying some Acne Herbal Remedies, then this is the place to be, because we take a good look at what Mother Nature can supply for healthy healing answers to acne.

Acne..... a single dreaded word used for a number of skin problems, creating fear in many teenagers because it encompasses things such as blackheads, whiteheads and probably the worst of all... skin cysts (because they are unsightly and very painful boils that develop under the skin). ARGH!!!

Acne herbal remedies are alternative solutions but should always be considered in conjunction with any medication prescribed by your Doctor, and any advice given to you by your mom.

Acne Herbal Remedies - Infusions

So, what we do here is to take a simple look at the herbs that can be used in different ways, that can help to clear up your skin and even keep it acne free.

Some of these herbs are known as depuratives, which means they cleanse the system by purifying the blood..

Try making a herbal infusion which can be taken internally in the form of some very interesting and tasty tea,s and what you don,t drink you can use as a face wash.

What Herbs are good for Acne?


Now this is one of our interesting acne herbal remedies because a lavender herbal infusion is believed to stimulate urine production and at the same time improve blood circulation, both of which help in purifying the body and help in the fight against a dreaded outbreak of acne.

Two for the price of one in this acne herbal remedy!!

The skin is the largest organ in the body, and acne is one of the most common abnormalities affecting the skin.


This herb is just  another one of nature's many miracles.

  • Not only does it look pretty (also known as a pot marigold) but it is known to have anti-bacterial as well as natural anti-inflammatory properties and the benefits have been passed down through the centuries as a healing plant for many skin problems, like acne, burns, chafed skin or bruises.
  • Calendula can be incorporated into creams, washes or even massage oils and used as a herbal natural remedy for helping with acne.


When stress kicks in, which it always does at some stage in our lives, and sometimes especially in our teenage years..... the immune system is weakened and out POP THE SPOTS!

  • Sage will help heal spots and blemishes because it strengthens the immune system.
  • Apart from drinking as a tea, try using this infusion in the bath, because sage aids in the stimulation of blood circulation, getting the blood flowing to all the areas, which also includes the zits on your face, back and chest.
  • Always remember as you go through life  to care for your skin, especially from the sun, as you can so easily become a victim of skin cancer.


Borage is a depurative and is known as an excellent cleanser.

  • It is also believed that this herb helps the body produce its own cortisone.
  • Cortisone suppresses the immune system reducing inflammation, pain and swelling.

A word of warning:   Do NOT this use this infusion for prolonged periods, probably the same warning issued when cortisone is dispensed in tablet form.


  • Because the Dandelion is an excellent detoxifier it widens the pores to facilitate removal of toxins through sweat and because it is a natural diuretic it will also remove these toxins through urine.
  • It is known as a blood cleansing herb which assists the liver and kidneys to clear toxins from the bloodstream and excrete waste products quickly, thereby operating as another one of our simple and natural acne herbal remedies.

If you want to go the natural way, try these other acne God given ways to deal with it.

Acne Homemade Remedies

Heal Acne Naturally

Acne Home Remedies

Red Clover 

  • Red Clover is also considered to be a depurative, which means that it purifies the body by promoting the body's eliminative functions.
  • Furthermore it is also diuretic in nature, as is the dandelion, which means it helps remove waste from the body due to the increased urine flow

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