Natural Remedies for Arthritis - "Heal Thyself."

As we embark on a journey of natural remedies for arthritis, we have to realize and understand that the time has come to consider what we eat, but maybe even more than that, to appraise and weigh up what we don't eat.

Remember, that a healthy diet boosts the immune system which will provide the sufferer with extra energy to fight the disease. Just a minor little change in our eating habits can lead to major difference in our arthritis problems.

Try out the home remedies for arthritis and combine them with herbs for arthritis, add a few tweaks to your diet, make this a part of your lifestyle, and you will see the difference in your arthritic aches and pains.

And I bet you thought that you were destined to the rest of your life on pain killers - take a look at these natural remedies for arthritis and then think again!

Fresh Fruit and vegetables - Step No 1. for natural remedies for arthritis.

Firstly, just a little bit of information on antioxidants .

Oxidation is what produces free radicals in our bodies. Free radicals are molecules out there looking for trouble and are known to play a role in joint damage.

Natural antioxidants help to combat free radicals, and by so doing suppress inflammation along the way.

  • Most fresh fruit and vegetables are excellent sources of antioxidants which help fight degenerative diseases.

  • Lycopene is one of these antioxidants and is found in tomatoes and other red fruit and vegetable.

  • Oranges are rich in the antioxidant beta-cryptoxanthin as well as watermelon oranges, papaya and red bell peppers.

  • And remember the saying "an apple a day keeps the doctor away", well it's true, eat those apples, they are really good for you.

  • Oxidants called carotenoids are found in brightly colored yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Cook them or eat them raw, juice them but whatever you do EAT them.

  • Invest in a smoothie maker and concoct your own smoothies to get a combination of these fruits and vegetables in a single glass, delicious!


Our little miracle garlic clove, is not only an all round wonder herbs that helps for for a multitude of ailments, but is also considered as one of the natural remedies for arthritis.... but why is it good for Arthritis?

  • Because it contains compounds called phenolic compounds or polyphenols which are antioxidants.

  • Phenolics also promote the production of an amino acid (if you are interested - called gluthathione) that is believed to be the body's most potent detoxifier.

High levels of Copper

  • It has been found that many people with arthritis have high levels of copper and iron in their bodies.

  • Histidine is an amino acid which is good for removing these metals from the body.

  • Foods containing this amino acid are rice, wheat and rye.


  • Iron is a mineral of interest for been involved in pain, swelling and joint destruction.

  • So rather avoid supplements or multivitamins containing iron.

  • Consume iron in foods instead.

  • Foods such as molasses, brocolli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, fish and lima beans contain iron naturally.


  • Pineapples have been used as a traditional treatment and natural remedies for arthritis since the year dot.

  • Now scientific interest has centered on the fact that the fresh pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain and that bromelain is known as an anti-inflammatory agent that helps reduce the swelling and inflammation of painful conditions such as osteoarthritis.

  • Pineapple is also a rich source of Vitamin C, also necessary for collagen formation. The pineapple contains more Vitamin C than do apples, cranberries, or tomato juice.


  • Sulfur is found in every cell in our bodies.

  • It is needed for the repair and rebuilding of bone, cartilage and connective tissue.

  • Sulfur also aids in the absorption of calcium.

  • Eat the sulfur containing foods such as asparagus, eggs, garlic and onions.

And now for the list of foods to avoid!!

  • Saturated Fats found in red meat, cheese, butter and deep fried foods should be avoided at all times.

  • These fats are not only a problem for heart diseases, but it is believed that they may worsen inflammation for those suffering from arthritis.

  • Replace saturated fats with plant based fats like olive oil for cooking and salad dressings, and snack on nuts for healthy fat.

  • Control your sugar intake, especially refined sugar. High blood sugar can increase cortisol levels in the body which in turn can influence inflammation.

  • And your sodium intake must be limited. Speak to any arthritis specialist who will tell you that the body requires only 500 mg of salt per day for normal functioning.

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